Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This, my friends, is a wonderpus octopus--a complete studette in the sea world. Not only does she have a rockstar name, she can deftly evade any pursuers by simply changing colors and blending in with her surroundings. You can find her anywhere from Bali to the Philippines.

Like the wonderpus octopus, the Curry family is assuming the position of blending in - or camouflaging ourselves - into the current surroundings. Don't worry, the huz will still be whipping up mad dishes and the babe will still be wreaking havoc on our bathtub; this is change is only superficial.

We started with the babe. They had these baby Toms in my recent purchasing spree and I just couldn't resist.
I found the next addition to our camo family at the checkout line at the WalMart. The huz had snuck a pair of {shorts} into the cart, unbeknownst to me.

So basically, I'm the only one left before our famouflage is complete and we're fully immersed in our surroundings. I've been investigating some options and thought I'd open them up to you to decide.

1) Camo Dress. Check this out - A WHOLE WEBSITE dedicated to formal camo wear - GOLD.

2) Heels. I don't even know what to say about this.

3) iPhone Case: I mean, nothing offers a bigger more non-descript impact like your iPhone case. An option.
4) Camo Sheets. Put on some Silk and put the ants in romants with this nighttime number.

5) The Camo Yoga Pant. Sears, you have trumped everyone. Not only have you completely negated the whole premise of yoga with your camo yoga pant, it's just downright heinous.
Sign me up.

As a side note, if you type in "camouflage" into Etsy, approximately 45 percent of the results are camo garter belts? Who wears garter belts outside of their wedding night - if then?!