Monday, March 7, 2011

Ruffles and Flowers and Skirting!

This was the inspiration. Gorgeous and feminine, it was almost like you could just scratch that bed skirt and smell the spring. But like everything toward which I seemingly gravitate, it was absolutely exorbitantly priced at a mere $585 for the set. And I would have a hard time selling the hubs on a skirt that cost more than the actual crib. So I was left to alternative means. Namely, using that wonderful sewing machine he'd purchased for me last Christmas.

Common, nesting Nelly, let's see whatcha got.

We scoured Chicago for appropriate fabric. The man was a trooper... he probably knows the inside of Hancock Fabrics better than any other straight guy in the city. I had visions of this print in my head and probably have no less than 50 shots in my camera of "potential" designs. But it wasn't it.

Then we went to Columbus. And he saw it. "What about this?" he asked.

It was it. He'd found THE fabric. And for under $10/yd. Six yards of fabric, a road trip back to Chicago and one weekend later, we have BG's bed skirt COMPLETE! I love it because it's a little more whimsy than the Bella Notte print, has some serious hot pink splashes that we'll be able to play with, and best of all, was selected by her daddy! She could use a little ironing and light to do it justice, but for a first effort, we're psyched!

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